How to organise a Meet

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How to organise a Meet

Postby Kate » Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:15 pm

Hi guys -

This forum, as you can probably tell, is for organising get-togethers in real life!

Here's some tips for how to go about it:

* Post a message on the main forum to generate interest (the moderators will move it over here if and when necessary)

* Suggest a couple of dates and a venue (even if it isnt the final date and venue you agree upon, we have noticed that things happen better when someone puts a date and venue out there)

* Anyone can get an event started - even newbies!

* Make the date about 1 month ahead or more

* Once the details are finalised, email so we can give your get-together a plug in our email newsletter so more people find out about it

* Post the finalised details in the main forum too - in a new thread

Maybe others have some tips of how to get a get-together organised?
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