New Friends?

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New Friends?

Postby miss.ashleigh » Tue May 20, 2014 1:03 am

Hey there,

My name's Ash, I'm 23 years old, from Melbourne and have been T1 for almost around 8 months now. Still in honeymoon.
The doctors and my family and friends were so surprised when I found out as I've been very positive about the whole experience. Obviously I've had my bad I'm sure all of you would know. But I'm actually curious, I haven't actually had the chance to meet anyone else with D other than my Auntie.
I'd love to be able to make a few friends (hopefully around my age), chat here or on Facebook and eventually maybe even go out for a coffee or something just to chat about our experiences/stories. It would be nice talking to others just like me! Instead of basically doing it alone :)
Don't be shy though, I'll chat to anyone! :)

I was also wanted to find out if anyone is going to the (18-25yr old) Connect-In weekend in Melbourne that is being held in July?

Thanks for listening!

Ash x
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Re: New Friends?

Postby Chef_Adrian » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:26 pm

My names Adrian,
and i have had T1D for 15 years. I am 21 now and haven't really had any T1d friends ever ! nor have i ever been around any that are my age that i can relate too.
I have also been looking to connect with people my age around Melbourne. As sometimes i feel alone like i am the only person in the world with it. So i defiantly need some t1 friends.
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Re: New Friends?

Postby mentat » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:35 pm

Hello, hello... I'm 25, just moved to Melbourne and have had T1 for going on 4 years. I don't really know anyone with it either. I'm a whiz with maths and computers, and I have a drive to take things apart and learn how they work (and find it very frustrating when I can't). That's a major problem with diabetes because the human body is an incredibly complex machine -- and hard to take apart!!

But as you can imagine, I have learned a lot about diabetes and the human body over the last few years, well beyond what you can learn from an endo or educator (at least in my experience). If you feel you want a deeper understanding of diabetes to help manage it, maybe I can help. (Of course I can't give out actual medical advice here.) I feel there is a LOT the endos and educators I have seen should have done but didn't, which might have saved me a lot of suffering over the last couple of years, and maybe I can save someone (particularly recently diagnosed) some of that trouble.

I'm sure that making friends with other T1s would be good for me but I find it hard to make new friends. But gotta try to have any chance, right?

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Re: New Friends?

Postby Flash » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:50 pm

Hi Ash,

I am not from Melbourne, I am from Brisbane, but I did attend the Connect-In camp last year in Melbourne. I flew down from Brisbane for it, didn't know anyone, but left with some amazing lifelong friends (who all live in Melbs, I guess its good for me when I want someone to stay in Melbourne and for them if they want somewhere in Brisbane XD).

Seriously if you're thinking about going, definitely go. It was such a great camp!!! I was diagnosed at 22 so very similar to your circumstances and it was aimed at all the stuff happening around that age group.

If you haven't already ask at to join the MyD Facebook page (I think its secret so you won't be able to search FB for it...Diabetes Aus will have to add you). Tons of people on there are from Melbourne and they're all aged 15 - 25/30ish.

Hope you end up meeting some other diabetics in Melbs (diabetics are amazing, love them).


-Another Ash
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Re: New Friends?

Postby albertaevans » Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:26 pm

Hi all ....i had T1D from 17 years now I'm 21 years..... and I have lost many friends because of this disease.
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Re: New Friends?

Postby artemis » Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:14 pm

Hi Alberta, and welcome to RC. I'm sorry that you had to find us, but glad that you did.

I'd say that if you lost friends because of T1, they really weren't your friends in the first place. Here, you are amongst friends. We can all empathise with you and 'talk' to you. I suggest that you introduce yourself in our main forum - the place to start - and I'm pretty damn sure that you'll find some virtual friends.
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