Open Message to My Guardian Angel

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Open Message to My Guardian Angel

Postby Leano » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:40 am

Last night, only 15km into a casual ride, my blood sugar plummeted and I had one of those shakey episodes while riding my bike. I managed to pull over, but fell trying to dismount - thanks to the shaking/semi seizure stuff.

I was also wearing my full Team Type 1 regalia, promoting type 1 diabetes and exercise. How embarrassing!

But thankfully, a number of cyclists stopped and out from the backs of their pockets came a number of glucose treats. This was wonderful, but their efforts were trumped by a woman who had jumped out of her car with a 1.25L bottle of lemonade. She raced up to me, opened it and said, 'get this into you. It'll work quicker. Don't worry, I am diabetic myself.'

This Guardian Angel had seen the commotion on the side of the road, and had ordered her husband to pull over. Not an easy feat when they were returning from holiday and carting a trailer, as well as dealing with two young and tired children.

The 'GA' then went knocking at some of the houses nearby and got a resident to make me a sandwhich!

I only got her first name: Jacqui
She uses a Paradigm pump and an Esprit metre.

So if she lurks here, or if anyone here knows her - please pass on my thanks.

Post-super hypo analysis is hard to work out exactly why I went so low. Still recovering from the racing from the weekend perhaps, so energy reserves and backup supplies are still drained. I was high at the start of the ride (BSL of 12), but still reduced my basal. Being only 15km into the ride at a cruisy pace shouldn't have had such an impact. My guess is that the test before the ride showing I was high was only a momentary figure and that my BSL was falling between the test and getting on the bike. I would not normally need to eat within the first 15kms.
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