Introducing "The Type 1 Diabetes Network"

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Introducing "The Type 1 Diabetes Network"

Postby Kate » Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:20 am

A quick note to update you on some administrative stuff going down in Reality Check land. We have created an incorporated association called The Type 1 Diabetes Network which is now the organisation running and our various other projects, Starter Kit for newly-diagnosed, Pregnancy booklet, etc etc.

Nothing at all will change here at Reality Check. The site will be called Reality Check forever amen.

We just needed a name that more clearly described what we do as other projects like those mentioned above start to pop up and not necessarily fit in so absolutely closely with what Reality Check signifies. For example, not every pregnant woman reading our green booklet is a young adult and some will have have never used the internet. The scope is broadening a bit, and The Type 1 Diabetes Network allows us to be more inclusive.

It will also be helpful to have a more descriptive name when doing the "serious stuff" - it's an awesome name for a website and an online community, but it's hard to be taken seriously by the Minister for Health and the President of the Diabetes Association of South Africa - we get a lot of raised eyebrows!

As I said, nothing's changed here at RC land though.

But just wanted to explain it all before you start seeing the T1D name around the traps.

Any questions about all this, just drop me a line to or (!).

Cheers, Kate
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