Insulin resistance after pregnancy

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Insulin resistance after pregnancy

Postby constance » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:12 pm

Hi everyone, I'm long time lurker on the forum. I had my first baby in early December via emergency c section, recovery was tough at times but I'm good now. We weren't able to breast feed for various reasons and I stopped using the breast pump a couple of weeks ago. Since then (and even before I think) my insulin needs have been going up steadily. I'm now on double my total daily pre-pregnancy basal - about what I was giving late in second trimester. My weight is pretty close to pre-pregnancy, and my activity levels are a little lower but not that much. I haven't heard of insulin resistance being a thing post-pregnancy and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I feel well but am a tiny bit worried I have a low grade infection or a bit of placenta didn't come out or something. Cheers.
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Re: Insulin resistance after pregnancy

Postby mish_au » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:24 pm

Hi Constance,
Firstly - congratulations on your baby!
My insulin requirements during pregnancy were through the roof, then postpartum they dropped to almost nothing (I was breastfeeding for first year). However around 3 months, when my period returned (not sure if that is linked!) my requirements went up to above pre pregnancy. And after stopping breast feeding, they increased to approximately double what they were before pregnancy.
My endo was a bit concerned and sent me back to my gyn/obs to get some checks done. Concern was PCOS, cysts, endometriosis.... but nothing was found. I also had had a number of other tests by my endo (thyroid, liver etc), however nothing conclusive.
After a while endo said I had just become more insulin resistant (basically type 2 - who knew you could have both!!) and I'm now on forxiga which has worked really well.
My advice would definitely got back to your gyno esp as you have concerns about placenta. Get your temp checked (infection indicator). Plus def ask your endo for their advice.
But after 30 + years of type 1, my insulin requirements have changed up and down a LOT... not just related to pregnancy, stress, exercise or other obvious things. Just random much of the time.
Good luck!
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