eleven days till he get here!

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eleven days till he get here!

Postby shadowlandr » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:33 pm

so, ok, I haven't been on RC terribly much lately, because I've been stressing about my dog, Sunny...
so he was nine years old, which in big-dog years is equivalent to being a human aged about 75 or 80. On the 24th of last month, he started having some trouble walking-- he'd trip and fall, and have a really hard time getting back up... so after two or three days of this, he was completely unable to get up anymore-- so we knew it was time for a visit to the vet. The vet does some X-rays all over him, and discovers several tumors in his spine and more of them in his brain... he tells us this, and we knew it was time to start saying goodbye to Sunny, because such things are inoperable when they've advanced so far... so I sat with him, hugging him and crying-- I mean, I'd had him since he was a puppy I could carry in my arms, and he'd grown into this 120-pound giganto-puppy, who still kept his puppy-tude even though he was a big boy... I must have sat with him almost an hour, because even at age nine, he was still my baby... so after sitting with him, hugging and kissing him and crying, I finally called the vet into the room, and sat there stroking his head white the IV that would end his life was being put in, and I made sure the last thing he would feel would be my stroking his ears and tummy... so he finally sighs and closes his eyes, and I knew he had died-- *that* was when I started crying uncontrollably, because my baby was gone, and was never coming back.
So my dad contacts this breeder of golden retrievers about how much one of his new puppies might cost, and then he and my mom and me all pile into his car and go driving to the breeder's house, which was maybe two hours away, and we look at this litter of 8 puppies, to see whom we might pick-- we finally settled on one that would just snuggle into the tummy of whomever was holding him at that moment-- that is, whenever he wasn't gnawing on the fingers of whoever had him in their laps.
So, ok, finally the reason I'm posting this-- my family has this thing where the name of the dog we choose HAS to start with the letter "s." (It goes way back to when I was just a kid, and my first dog was named Sam; and when we had to have him put to sleep, all three of my siblings and I decided that, in Sam's memory, every dog that came after him would have a name that started with the same letter. So we've had Sandy, Sweetie, and Sunny thus far, and now I pose the name question to all of you: what should we name our new puppy, who will be arriving here on July 15th? Ironically enough, a name that all of my friends have been suggesting is "Sugar" (I know, one would think that would be the last thing a diabetic should have-- a dog named "Sugar." But if the dog turns out to have a sweet personality, I say, why not? Let me know what you guys all think.
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Re: eleven days till he get here!

Postby artemis » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:29 pm

How about Shadow?
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Re: eleven days till he get here!

Postby aitch » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:20 am

Hi there,
First of all, so sorry about Sunny, it's always so hard when you lose a pet as they are such a big part of your family. You didn't say if your new puppy is a boy or a girl . Sacha, Sable and Sabre are some S names I've known. Enjoy your new addition.
Doh I just re read your title and see "he" so enjoy him:)

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Re: eleven days till he get here!

Postby ali m » Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:35 pm

So sorry to hear about your dear friend. It's very hard to lose a pet.

4 weeks ago I lost my (actually my parents) favourite little cat, a black and white kitten called Spokey. She was funny, clever and very adventurous, and only 9 months old. I am still upset about not having her around. Her brother Fluff also got very depressed for a week or so, but has bounced back better than his humans. He is also a delightful kitten, and I spend as much time as possible playing with him and cuddling. He is huge! Spokey was rather small and very athletic.

We didn't name the kittens, but Spoke or Spokey turned out to be an excellent name, and starts with S.
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