Friday April 29, 1973

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Friday April 29, 1973

Postby abs » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:17 pm

I was 7 yrs old and the doctors told me...

Oops I was 8.5 yrs old, and on this date I was admitted to the Royal children's hospital in Melbourne. My BSL was 313 (or about 17-18mmol) and apparently in the preceding months I'd lost a fair bit of weight.

On discharge on Monday may 15th, I was 26.6kg - that's like a quarter of what I am at the moment. Due to my dad being diagnosed as a 2yr old, and had to eat gluten free, they did a biopsy on me, fortunately all clear bar some bug that was fixed via oral medication (antibiotics ??). It appears I was otherwise fairly okay


Since I've been t1 for over 43years and knowing Artemis is getting her 50yr Kellion award thingy next month, I contacted the RCH earlier this year to ask about my admission notes. It feels weird reading the couple of pages of stuff sent to me - dad was 43 at the time and appears his health was already suffering. Apparently he'd been pretty stable until about 4yrs prior :( obviously some things were still okay as my youngest sister was born right on 12 months later
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