Underactive thyroid and pregnant

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Underactive thyroid and pregnant

Postby stephiegab » Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:15 pm

Hi everyone.

I'm currently 9w4d pregnant. I've had an underactive thyroid for 18 years controlled well with thyroxine.

At 5w I had my levels checked as I knew it was imperative that my TSH is under 2 in pregnancy.
My level was 1.15 and T4 was 17. My endo didn't feel it was necessary to up my dose based on these results.

Fast forward 4 weeks later and my TSH is now 4.3! T4 is still 17. My dose has now been increased, but I should have gone with my gut and increased my dose myself 4 weeks ago.
I'm very concerned about this and the fact that my endo didn't think it necessary to increase my dose considering it's very normal and common to have an increase in TSH.

I'm so worried for my baby and potential developmental delays from having a high TSH.
Can anyone calm my nerves? Would love to hear from those who have experienced something similar or those with a wealth of thyroid knowledge!
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