Forxiga - one year on

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Forxiga - one year on

Postby mish_au » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:36 pm

I've been taking the type 2 drug Forxiga for a year now - and thought I'd give an update for anyone interested.

My HbA1C has gone from 7.5 (12 months ago) to 6.6.
I've lost 11 kgs - nothing else changed in my diet/exercise. (this is AMAZING after a 20 year frustrating battle with weight - increasing an averaging 1-2kg per year).
No increase in hypo's.
A noticeable lowering of the cap for any 'high's, and a lot less spikes.
20% decrease in my basal and 15% decrease in my bolus rates. (not sure if this is the Forxiga or weight loss)

Thankfully I haven't had any of the side effects - thrush, nausea, ketoacidosis (without high BSLs), but have had increase in urination.

Anyhow I have been paying approximately $60/month for the script as it is not PBS for type 1 diabetics. I have heard that if you are also diagnosed as Type 2 (not as weird as it sounds, basically just means insulin resistance) then you can get it on PBS even if you are Type 1.
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