Forum rules: please read before posting.

This is a secure and safe place for people to bitch, moan, argue, or rejoice (yes, really) about having Type 1 Diabetes. If something has inspired you or enraged you, here's your opportunity to let everyone know.

Forum rules: please read before posting.

Postby Kezza » Mon May 28, 2012 9:25 pm

Introduction to the forum

Welcome to the Reality Check online community! This forum is a place where you can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from the amazing wealth of others’ experiences of living with diabetes. Reality Check is run by the Type 1 Diabetes Network (T1DN,, a not-for-profit organisation providing support and a voice for people with type 1 diabetes. The Type 1 Diabetes Network and Reality Check reserve the right to use the details of your input to the forum, for example in our newsletter Yada Yada.

T1DN does not endorse, has not verified, and accepts no responsibility for any of the information on the Reality Check forum.

Our moderators:

Our forum is managed and moderated by volunteers who have type 1 diabetes.
Current mods are: artemis (Jane), Jen(nli) (Jenny) and kaito (Kait). If you would like to contact the moderators, you can e-mail them on

Medical Advice:

This forum aims to provide a space where we can exchange our experiences relating to diabetes and life. Our moderators are not medically trained and we are not in a position to verify the accuracy of what other people have posted. Always seek expert medical advice before making any significant changes to your regime.

Forum Rules

We welcome diverse opinions, but expect all our members to follow the rules below.

Do not ask for, or give, medical advice.
We ask that you DO NOT ask for, or post medical advice. Although it may be tempting to get a ‘quick answer’ for your medical concerns, we are not doctors and are not qualified to give advice. Even if you are a health professional, we ask that you refrain from posting advice on this forum, as we cannot verify your background and cannot take responsibility for what you say. We encourage people to share their experiences, but draw a firm line at advice giving.

Speak from your experience:
In the spirit of not giving medical advice, we ask that you phrase your posts so you speak from your experience. General statements that suggest something will work for everyone will be removed. What works for you may not work for another person – we’re all different.

It’s OK to say:
‘I have found that X and Y works for me; maybe you could ask your endo or DE about this’ or ‘My blood sugar level is much more stable when I … ’

It is not okay to say:
‘Do X or Y’ or ‘Try X and Y’, or ‘X and Y is important for stable blood sugar levels’…

Similarly, we may remove statements that are written as factual, but which may not be verified and could be interpreted as advice.

It is not okay to write:
Brand X is superior to brand Y because it will …

Whereas you could write:
I prefer brand X because I found it …

We make no apology for being strict about this. We believe it keeps the forum a safer place for everyone.

Do not complain about health professionals by name
We completely understand people wanting to vent about your less-than-stellar experiences and you are welcome to do so. Unfortunately, naming the health professional involved opens us up to libel and we ask that you not do it. We are happy to put other members in touch with you directly if they want names, but cannot allow the names to be published on our site.

Linking to reputable websites:
Linking to articles elsewhere is fine, provided you do not cut and paste the whole item into your post. That is plagiarism and is illegal. Instead write a brief description of what the article is about and add a link. We prefer you link to reputable websites. Links to websites that are considered to be spam will be removed.

A good (although US-based) description of how to evaluate health information on the web here: ... hInfo.html

No flaming, trolling or personal attacks:
Inflammatory, aggressive, or abusive messages directed at moderators or fellow posters are simply not OK, no matter what your reason. There is plenty of space for healthy debate on the forum. The key is to focus on the topic not the person, and to engage in discussion rather than stating your own position over and over. We believe that people are essentially good, and we trust that you will play your part in maintaining the forum as a safe and friendly place for everyone to enjoy.

No advertising or soliciting.
We do not allow free advertisements for the sale of medical equipment such as insulin pumps or blood glucose meters or for other diabetes related items. If you or your company has a product to promote, please email to discuss your product and obtain a current copy of T1DN’s current advertising rates and information. Similarly, companies and individuals may not post anything that solicits new customers or promotes their products or services under any circumstances. If you’ve just heard about some great new-fangled technology that you want to tell us about, that’s OK. If you have a personal association with the product, you are in a much more grey area. If you’re unsure, email before you post.

Contact us BEFORE posting to recruit for research projects.
We are extremely supportive of new research, whether clinical, psychosocial, marketing or strategic and T1DN has experience working with researchers. Unfortunately not all researchers are legitimate, so we ask that you contact before you begin recruiting to discuss your options – this includes students wishing to promote high school, undergraduate or honours projects. Please be aware that if your project is funded there may be a fee for promoting your project. More information is available here: ... tment.html.

Providing your email address: We discourage this to avoid email harvesting and marketing, but allow it occasionally on ‘Meet’ threads. If you want to get in touch with another member, email and ask us to send them your email address. If you want to post your email address temporarily to organise a meet you are welcome to ask moderators to remove it from your post afterwards.

No ‘bumping’:
Posting of responses with the word ‘Bump’ or something equally vacuous just to keep your post prominent in the forum is not allowed. However, we welcome updates or new ideas that are added as responses to your post to bring it back to prominence. You are most welcome to bring back old threads if you have more to add.

Help! I’ve been moderated!
Don’t panic! It’s unlikely your post was ‘bad’ and even more unlikely we’re annoyed with you! A substantial amount of our moderating is of people who were genuinely trying to help and accidentally overstepped the boundaries of providing medical advice or making general factual statements – we are quite strict about this. If that’s the case we’ll likely either have left a friendly note in your post or emailed you. If not, please feel free to email and we’ll clarify – we’re all friendly. Do keep posting, we welcome your input.

When we collect your personal information, we commit to protect your privacy. This privacy policy is based on the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information.

Email addresses or mailing addresses provided by you to Reality Check or the Type 1 Diabetes Network are never, under any circumstances, provided to another organisation, group, company or individual who is not an authorised representative of our organisation, for any purpose other than that for which you provided your details to us originally, unless you have given your written permission for us to do so.

Enjoy sharing your experiences with others:
We hope you’ll find our forum helpful, insightful and friendly. We’d love to hear your experiences. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to contact us.


Reality Check moderators:
This email address forwards to all the moderators (artemis, Jen(nli) and kaito) and one of us will get back to you.

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